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Thursday July 29th 2021

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CUMBA CSR Conference

CUMBA CSR Conference

【公益词典】| Lexicon The CUMBA CSR Conference as one of the leading CSR initiatives in Asia is the annual highlight event of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School since 2007. Our goals are to create awareness of corporate social responsibility among decision makers and [...]

Rockefeller Foundation

Rockefeller Foundation

【公益词典】| Lexicon The Rockefeller Foundation aims to achieve equitable growth by expanding opportunity for more people in more places worldwide, and to build resilience by helping them prepare for, withstand, and emerge stronger from acute shocks and chronic stresses. Throughout its 100 year [...]

[Recruiting 2011] Jointing.Media

By Methanol@HR, Jointing.Media  2010-12-26 Chinese Jointing.Media, an independent online news organization, aims to connect the citizen worldwide via joint effects between media organizations, business communities and Non-profit organizations. Providing extensive news, comment and analysis, Jointing.Media pursues quality, accuracy and [...]

Dhruba Ghimire: I want to improve Nepali women’s lives via education (II)

 【城市新闻】| City By Echo Zhang in Kathmandu, Jointing.Media 2010-10-02 Chinese   Dhruba, in his age of 28, has already two children. Born in the 80s, this man shows a huge social responsibility and sense of mission of the era, which are rarely found among his fellows. He’s well aware of what he wants, and he has a clear plan of [...]

Zhou Qu Brainstorm on August 20, 2010

Zhou Qu  Brainstorm on August 20, 2010

【城市】| City Huaqiao Foundation, 2010-08-20