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Sunday June 16th 2024

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Why Are We Here?

Only Time|Enya

If you ask me how to forecast the future of the world and human beings, my answer is hopeless. The world is collapsing rapidly. Human greed, selfishness and other bad qualities are constantly in the erosion of the planet.

Even if a small number of people work hard to protect the environment and awaken people not to excess exploitation and unreasonable utilization, it will not help. Humans will destroy themselves. Even so, in this short life as a human being, it seems that there is still something to be done to be willing.

In 2009, we built a virtual community, Jointing.Bank (short for “J.Bank”), and invited people with a similar philosophy to contribute their resources to create or help non-profit projects and SMEs after work. J.Bank is invited only. It is like a “laboratory” where members can share skills and resources to help each other and make some ideas into reality. The first project of J.Bank is named Jointing.Media (short for “JM”), founded in the fall of 2009, aims to record stories of people working for small NGOs and raise resources for their non-profit projects.

J.Bank has a unique pattern. First, a sponsor can be involved in two or more non-profit projects via sponsoring the original articles of JM. JM irregularly donates to other non-profit projects. There are three pools — a news pool, a donation pool and a projects pool. They are not in any particular order.

Secondly, projects or plans set up in J.Bank are allowed to be unfinished and have no deadlines, because we think it needs time to keep trying before finding out what you really want to do and what society needs. It is not about others but yourself— how to enlighten yourself. Most of all, keep acting and keep seeking.

Finally, we emphasize learning by doing. If you have an idea, just do it. And then it will be forwarded to members of J.Bank to see who would like to be involved in or offer suitable resources when needed.

Jasmine Y

Edited by Dr. M. S Khurran


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