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[Recruiting 2011] Jointing.Media

By Methanol@HR, Jointing.Media  2010-12-26


Jointing.Media, an independent online news organization, aims to connect the citizen worldwide via joint effects between media organizations, business communities and Non-profit organizations. Providing extensive news, comment and analysis, Jointing.Media pursues quality, accuracy and integrity, and promotes Chinese citizens to take an active part in social work, to accomplish the forming of a Global Civil Society.

Online Editor (Bi-Lingual)

-        At least one year of editorial experience

-        Ability to work and confidently make editorial judgments independently

-        Ability to communicate related topics in detail to the lay individual

-        Ability to develop and maintain good working relationships with freelancers and editors while troubleshooting editorial issues

-        Excellent written and oral communication skills (via email, phone, other methods)


-        At least one year experience with a community newspaper or two years with a college newspaper

-        Multimedia skills, including updating a web site, use of Photoshop, video camera and digital camera

IT Partner

-        Have the experience of administrator on website, forum or weblog, be familiar with Wordpress, Discuz and Google Apps

-        Have project experience concerning php+mysql;be familiar with the configuration, transfer and backup work towards web host and database

-        Solid skill on DW, FW and FLASH

-        If you meet any one of the above requirements, please feel free to apply. loving public affairs or have personal weblog is a plus

HR Partner

-            Have rich working and life experience, be fond of HR related work

-            Fairly writing and communication skills, people-oriented

-            Be good at office software, willing to learn more

NoteAll the job roles listed are volunteer-based, not full time jobs. The contribution of volunteers will be turned into payment only after donators buy the news online. In the meanwhile JM will encourage all the volunteers donate parts of the payment to small and medium-sized NPOs in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). For enquiries, please contact

If you love public affairs, and would like to devote yourself on Media business, while enjoying the fun of discovery and exploration, come and join us!

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