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Thursday July 29th 2021

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Dhruba Ghimire: I want to improve Nepali women’s lives via education (II)


 【城市新闻】| City

By Echo Zhang in Kathmandu, Jointing.Media 2010-10-02



Dhruba, in his age of 28, has already two children. Born in the 80s, this man shows a huge social responsibility and sense of mission of the era, which are rarely found among his fellows. He’s well aware of what he wants, and he has a clear plan of his future.

To reform the society at the age of thirty

“What we have now is just a beginning. I’m planning to pursue a doctoral degree of education in ten years and then I want to enter the political world” Dhruba explained. He believes that one is not able to make much on his own in improving the society whereas establishing the right policies could change a country profoundly. He ascribes social issues such as the violation of traffic regulations and the excess of population with the lack of education. The solution thus, according to Dhruba, is to restructure the education policies via politics. . He is expecting the society’s development in the coming future, which he believes is the natural result when people obtain the right understanding of things.

With a clearly defined goal and not a slight hesitation, Dhruba continues on his career of women’s rights movement, for which he has completely devoted himself during four years already. Many female students are attending the classes at school now,, most of them are encouraged by Dhruba as he visited families at the neighborhood consistently and persuaded those women and their husbands with reason as well as compassion. “One should never underestimate the role men could play in the women’s rights movement” was what Ghruba realized while doing all these.

Ghruba is confident that these ten years he devotes to social work are firming his determination. Thus regardless how strong the temptation of power in the political world would be, it would never corrupt his mind. He referred to three social workers who turned political figures that stick to their original political ideals and devote themselves to the well-being of the Nepali people. “Nepal had witnessed ten years of turmoil, and has just recently entered the fourth year of her peace era”, Ghruba said, “but I am completely confident of the future, and I believe that we young generations have the power to improve the current government.”

I am never confident enough to imagine this ideal blueprint: working from a grass-roots social worker to a member of the superstructure, and then changing the society structurally top-down. I wish sincerely that Dhruba could reach the highland successfully as he desires and realize his dream of the social improvement in the future.

Translated by Ryan

Edited by Gokay

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