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Tuesday September 22nd 2020

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Social Innovation Park (SIP)

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Social Innovation Park ltd is founded by the youngest elected female parliarment member,founding member of NEW Asia Leaders in World Economic Forum, Ms Penny Low along with other pioneers in Singapore society. SIP is the leading organization to drive social innovation in Singapore, aiming to develop social entrepreneurship and thought leadership. Each Year, SIP holds Global Social Innovators Forum, invited spakers include Jet Li from One Foundation, Robson Walton from Walmart , Toffler, famous futurist etc.

Social Innovation Club (SIP China Chapter), officially launched in Nov. 2009, is the China Chapter of Social Innovation Park Singapore. Based in Shanghai, led by Chinese young professionals and college students, SIP China works to build up the social innovation-minded local community. By the Dec end 2009, the number of our members has reached 330.

Core Values:

Connect like minded people and organizations

Enrich members’ understanding of social innovation practices

Share social innovation opportunities


Source:Social Innovation Club (SIP China Chapter)

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