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Thursday July 29th 2021

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Fulfilling Human Needs without Trashing Our Planet

【城市新闻】| City

By Peter Jiang, Chloe Chen in Shanghai, Jointing.Media 2010-02-10

Original in Chinese

Presentation from Cyrille Jegu in Shanghai

Source:SIP China

SIP China’s members attended the lecture on the night of February 1st. This session’s topic was “Social Entrepreneurship: ‘Fulfilling Human Needs without Trashing Our Planet’”

Cyrille Jegu, the speaker of this lecture, French citizen from Britain, is the Executive Director of TNS Asia, and the Ambassador of UK Energy Saving Trust. Cyrille holds an MBA from Macquarie University (Australia), and has completed post-graduate studies on Sustainable Development at Cambridge University (UK) and Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden).

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What is Social Enterprise?

【特别报道】| In depth

By Jointing.Media, in shanghai 2010-02-20


Normally we penetrate to the essence of reality starting from the definition involved in phenomenon. What is “Social Enterprise”? We will catch it from interviewees below who working in this field:

Calvin ChinCEO at Qifang

Richard Brubaker:Founder at Hands on Shanghai (HOS)

Fan LiExecutive Director at Global link Initiative(GLI)

SijiaOrganizer at Shimenkan Connection

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