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Tuesday September 22nd 2020

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【公益词典】| Lexicon ECSEL is a fully-subsidized incubation program for entrepreneurs looking to build or expand a social business in greater China. Through the course of our year-long, part-time program, participants receive two international training trips (one in the United States, one in mainland [...]

Richard Brubaker:Who should pay for your mistake?

【观点】| Insight By Jointing.Media, in Shanghai  2010-04-15 Chinese 1-Definition of SE Audio 1 of 11 from this talk Description:Richard believes that a lot of different entrepreneurial models are available, which broadens the definition of Social Enterprise. For example, a company that consistently donate to NGOs and/or provide [...]

Fan Li: SE requires more devotion and responsibility than ordinary jobs

【观点】| Insight By Jointing.Media, in Shanghai 2010-01-30 Chinese 1-李凡的NPO缘起 Audio 1 of 14 from this talk Description:Li Fan tells us it’s in Japan that she first knew of NPO. As a postgraduate student in a college of Japan, She accidentally knew there was a recruitment meeting of a NPO, which [...]

What is Social Enterprise?

【特别报道】| In depth By Jointing.Media, in shanghai 2010-02-20 Original Normally we penetrate to the essence of reality starting from the definition involved in phenomenon. What is “Social Enterprise”? We will catch it from interviewees below who working in this field: Calvin Chin:CEO at Qifang Richard Brubaker:Founder [...]