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星期六 六月 15th 2024

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Natural Factory|自然的工厂


自然的工厂(Natural Factory)由来自几位来自不同国家的设计师、制作者和生物学家背景的志愿者共同发起,旨在通过收集当代和历史上的案例,激发使用天然材料和工艺的设计和创新。

自然的工厂收集了一些鼓舞人心的案例。在这些案例里,设计师和制造商通过让自然成为我们的工厂,专注于非食品和非医疗领域,创造可持续的解决方案。例如,用蘑菇菌丝体生长的包装和在碳负“果园”中塑造的精品家具。 aims to inspire design and innovation that works with natural materials and processes, by collecting contemporary and historical examples. This is a voluntary project started by designer/maker/biologist friends from from several countries interested in exploring this field together. collects inspiring examples of ways designers/makers can let nature be our factory to create sustainable solutions, focusing on non-food and non-medical products, such as packaging grown from mushroom Mycelium and boutique furniture shaped in a carbon-negative ‘orchard’.

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