Joint Effect, Joint Power
星期四 五月 19th 2022

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尼泊尔乡村妇女联合会 | RUWON, Nepal

【公益词典】| Lexicon



The Rural Women’s Network Nepal (RUWON, Nepal) aims to create awareness among women about their rights through various means such as education and awareness programs, and training. Objectives include teaching women the skills required at the local level to get out of unemployment and become economically independent. Nepali women and girls living in rural areas are facing problems such as gender-based discrimination, lack of work and education opportunities, and poverty. RUWON Nepal was initiated by a group of individuals who have been active in the fields of peace, good governance, women’s rights and social justice for decades. Our vision is a society based on gender equality where confident, skilled and independent woman are present in every field. We cooperate with local women’s organizations to empower these women and to help them progress.


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